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Awesome as usual

My one Problem is that the Movie here didn't load for me... it would get to 1 part of the loading bar and stop, which sucks for me... Thankfuly someone on you tube allready recorded it and I saw it that way, which is why I'm here giving this review on it... If you happen to figure out why it's doing this to me I'd appreciate you telling me, thanks.... Anyway, The new addition of your art work along with your sprites AND the 3D designs make this one of the most graphicly pleasing SMBZs yet. The story line, as usual is awesome AND Funny so no need to go indeph on it. Music selection is perfect, the voice clips were outstanding. I wasn't expecting for Mario to actualy call to Sonic by name... I loved all the different references in it. they really added to the story in many ways, weither they had anything to do with the story or not... Well to sum things up, it's just simply your best work yet and I'm looking forward to the next episode... I'm betting t'll be even better then this one...


This was a Pretty good episode, but the Part that REALLY Made me laugh was the Extra Scene. It was Hilarious. My Favorite Line "That's it! I'm Throwin a Party"


This is Really Great. You should make a Sequel

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Could have been better

The only reason why I'm voteing as High as I am is that I understand it's a Demo. 1st battle is Freaking easy but perhaps it should be that way. the Egg Throwing part in the 1st one was horrible, howver in this one it was Majorly improved. Yes I see that Baby Mario looks more like Diper-wearing-Teen Mario but given the Fact that You're Useing hand Drawn Animation over Sprites allows me to be leninet on attacking that. The Slideing Part (I'm not going to mention the Boss Rematch part, Aw Dangit I just did didn't I?) Was a Bit Difficult and I'm guessing the part at the Very End where Yoshi pretty Much Dissapears and your left with nothing is where the Demo Ends (At least you could have put something to signify the end of the Demo, is that asking too much?). All in all It's Seems like a good start and I belive that you should continue Makeing this, just know that there's a Ton of things to Fix. And be Proud. Even though they are mostly bad, you sure do have a Ton of Reviews on this

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Im getting down to this one

Awesome as usual.

Dude you are AWESOME!

I don't think anyone else will be able to top this, an Exceptionaly good mix, Love it.


2 words. THE GREATEST!!!

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